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Like to know how often the big blind holds an ace in a three way pot taking the range based card removal into account?

Let's suppose we have the following scenario:

The tight MP2 opens, hero in the small blind coldcalls his AQo and the big bling calls as well. We give the big blind the following range.


We see, that this range contains in 9.7% of the time a combo with an ace.


This range will hit 10.31% a top pair on the flop.


Now we use the powerfull feature "Calculate weights based on previous ranges".
This woldwide unique feature will calculate for every combo in the given range the weight according to the frequency of combos in all other ranges. This works with any given number of ranges.


As we can see the combos now are weighted based on the other ranges. For example, this range now has only 37% AQs, because the other ranges containes aces and queens as well.


Overall, this range now only contains 5.7% an ace.


And in conclulsion, this range can hit less top pairs.


This is only one simple sample to show you the powerfull feature of calculating weights based on previous ranges.



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