Since March 2017 there exists a written manual

In contrast to almost all other known poker tools, the Power-Equilab can handle not only heads up scenarios. All subtools in the Power-Equilab can handle multiway scenarios as well. The Power-Equilab is the result of collectiong all the best parts of other poker software into one application.

Here is a brief overview of the provided Power-Equilab Features:


Handrange selection

Weighted ranges

Grouped ranges

Handrange calculator

Equity graphs

Heatmap and Heatmap 2.0 (Version

Scenario analyser

Hand strength distribution and hand range reduction

Equity trainer

Handrankings and handranking editor

Playbilities and playability editor


Import hand history

Poker mathematics

Settings and color themes

How good a range hits the flop?

Folded Ranges (done in version

Resizable butttons in handrange selection (done in version

Multiple groups in handcombos (done in version

New in version

- Weights with up to ten decimals to use with GTO-Solver export
- Different weights for single hands in one combo
- Weighted hands in different groups
- Weighting of subgroups and recursively weighting of subgroups - Displaying weights as percentage parts in three different ways
- Displaying number of combos or percentages in three different ways
- Select groups and subgroups by textual input including weighting syntax
- Adjustabel number of decimal places for weighting
- Explorable entries in saved ranges for grouped ranges
- Undo/redo in handrange window
- Select remainder in handrange window
- Option to hide/cut long rangetexts in handrange window
- Securitiy question, if an unsaved range whould be overwritten
- Smarter resize in handrange window
- Playability export to use in CREV as custom factors
- Import (paste) handranges from CREV and Flopzilla including weighting syntax
- Import (paste) handranges from PIOSolver and GTO Range Builder including weighting syntax
- Export weighted handranges with “bracket syntax” to use in CREV
- Define your own notes to your ranges
- Show this news at application start


Here are some decent samples for poker experts:

Like to create a smart defending range taking playability into account?

Like to know how often the big blind holds an ace in a three way pot taking the range based card removal into account?

Like to know how many bluff catchers we have on the river using the equity graph for the current street?

... more samples coming soon

Here you can find a brief overwiew over the functionality of the current available equity-calculation- and analysing-programs:


Feel free to judge for your own, which is the most usefull application for you.


Still to come:

- Playability Color Profiles

- Assigning intelligent, smart ranges to unknown players while importing hand histories

- Smart and general EV-Calculation of different scenarios

- Decision trees

- ...

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