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Like to create a smart defending range taking playability into account?

For example we are in the big blind and  have a 50% opening range from the button. We like to call all hands with an equity between 37 and 50% (the others we like to fold or 3bet)

1st: The konventional way. Calculating a range where every hand has an equity between 37% and 50%.


Our calculated range has an equity of 42.32 %


Our range hits on the flop 17.15% top pair or better and in 18.24% a flushdraw, gutshot or OESD.


In 70% of all possible flops, our range has an equity of at least 40%.


Now we take playabilities into account :)

For this example we use our selfdefined playability profile "Heads up playability OOP balanced". Feel free to define your own playability profiles.


2nd: The smart way. Calculating a range with equities between 37% and 50% where we take our playability profile into account..


 This range has an equity of 45.53%.


We have almost the same number of hands (442 vs. 440), but this range matches the flop much better.


Instead of 70% of all possible flops, now we have in 90% an equity of at least 40%.


This is only one simple example to show how u can use the playability profiles.

Find out more ... Playbilities and playability editor



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